Where Do Our Community’s Children Sleep at Night?

Nearly 5,000 children in Wake County go homeless each year.

Largely invisible in our community, children in their most fragile, formative years are struggling with no place to call home.

Here’s where they stay at night:*

As a parent, what you want for your children is for them to be warm, fed, safe and to have a place to sleep.
— Yasmine

When you give today, you provide children and their families with these critical services:

Short-Term Family Housing – A safe place where families can remain together while permanent housing is located.

Permanent Housing Placement – Our network of landlords and apartment managers accept families with complex challenges because we have the knowledge and expertise to see them through to self-sufficiency.  

Temporary Rental and Utilities Assistance – A 1-3 month investment in our community’s children with enormous long-term savings to society.

Professional Mentoring – A dedicated Mentor Advocate counsels each family for up to a year and makes all the difference to their success.

Children’s Enrichment – After-school and summer programming helps children in our short-term housing overcome the trauma of homelessness and maintain academic progress.

Life Skills Training – Bi-weekly workshops on topics such as better money management habits and landlord-tenant rights and responsibilities increase each family’s capacity to become self-sufficient.

Referrals and Resources - Connections to critical community resources such as job training, healthcare, food, clothing, transportation, and childcare.

Every time you give to Families Together, you invest in our community’s children by supporting our proven model. Last year, 80% of families graduated our program by attaining a year of holding a lease in their own names.