When Deanna fled domestic violence and moved into a shelter, she didn’t know what the future held, but she knew one thing: she would do anything for her three young children. 

“I had a job, but because of my credit, no one would take me. The kids kept asking ‘Why can’t we go back to our own house?’”

Deanna did all she could to keep her children’s routine, 
so they’d feel somewhat “normal.” On the difficult days, 
when Deanna was driving all over town between work, school, daycare, and the shelter, she kept reminding herself, “This is not permanent, this is not permanent.” 
She used her current circumstances as motivation to move in a positive direction.

“When you’re homeless, you feel so vulnerable and exposed.”

Soon, Deanna was connected with Families Together.

“My Mentor Advocate, Corey, immediately got to work and we created a strategy for finding a place to live – looking at what was affordable and suitable in the best area for my family. I attended financial workshops, which were life changing and helped me repair my credit. I even started saving some money. When we found an apartment, Families Together advocated for me with the landlord and I’m very grateful for that.”

On the first night in their new apartment, Deanna and her children felt, “Peace. I was given a second chance – 
a fresh start.”

Through Families Together, Deanna received financial assistance with first and last month’s rent and her security deposit. She describes the move to her new apartment as “Phenomenal! We were blessed with wonderful resources of furniture and household items – all the way down to the towels.” 

Today, Deanna’s family is just like any other, enjoying life and moving forward. Deanna has a new job and is back in school to earn her accounting degree. “I’m so pleased with the neighborhood we’re in. We’re close to everything now and the kids are doing well.”

When asked what it means to families like hers when people give to Families Together, Deanna doesn’t hesitate. “Giving to this organization, you can be assured you will change someone’s life – you can completely turn it around. When you support Families Together, you are pouring into someone’s life.”